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Squib Welsh Open
 - 09/08/2024
Dragon Northerns 2024
7th July 2024 
 - 8th July 2024
Edinburgh Cup 2024
9th July 2024 
 - 12th July 2024
Abersoch Dinghy Week 2024
20th July 2024 
 - 26th July 2024
Abersoch Mirror Week 2024
11th August 2024 
 - 16th August 2024
Abersoch Keelboat Week 2024
19th August 2024 
 - 23rd August 2024
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New Commodore's Welcome - 1st October 2023

It is with immense pleasure that I introduce myself as the newly appointed Commodore of this esteemed yacht club. 

With over 55 years of uninterrupted membership of SCYC, my connection to this club runs as deep as the ocean itself. It was here, at the tender age of eight, that I first set sail and discovered the enchanting world of boat racing with Dave Best in his Cadet, up against the formidable Peters and Allso families. Those early days were marked by the thrill of the wind in my hair and the salt on my lips, (together with the verbal abuse received from a competitive helm) igniting a lifelong passion for Abersoch and the sea.

In my odyssey through the maritime world, I have cast anchor in numerous clubs across the globe. From the pacific waters of the San Francisco Bay to the rugged coastlines of Dublin, I have been fortunate enough to share my love for sailing with kindred spirits from all walks of life. Each port of call brought with it new challenges, fresh horizons, and an opportunity to learn from the diversity of seafaring characters and traditions.

It is with great pride and excitement that I step into the role of Commodore at South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club. In the coming two years, I envisage a yacht club that not only stands as a bastion of maritime excellence but also embraces innovation and inclusivity. We will build on the foundations laid by those who came before us, while also setting sail towards new horizons.

As we approach our centenary year, I am filled with a sense of duty and determination to ensure the next two years are marked with celebration, progress, and of course a party.

The upcoming centenary is a momentous occasion for us all. A hundred years of rich maritime heritage, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on the water deserves nothing short of an extraordinary celebration. I am committed to orchestrating a series of events and regattas that will not only honour our past but also set a resounding tone for the next century.

One of my foremost ambitions is to foster a spirit of inclusivity both within the club and the wider community. Our club has always been a sanctuary for seasoned sailors and novices alike, and I aim to amplify this sense of belonging. Through sailing opportunities, and social events that cater to all skill levels, we will forge a stronger, more tightly knit community of seafaring enthusiasts.

In tandem with inclusivity, I am dedicated to bolstering our family sailing programs. Our families are the lifeblood of our club's future, and it is imperative that we provide them with the tools, guidance, and experiences that will shape them into the next generation of accomplished sailors and responsible stewards of our beloved waters.

Furthermore, I am committed to modernizing our facilities and services. This includes improvements in our clubhouse and racing facilities. A club that embraces the latest in technology and amenities will be better poised to serve its members and inspire the next generation of sailors.

Lastly, in the true spirit of exploration, I aspire to expand our horizons beyond our familiar shores. Collaborations with neighbouring clubs and the organisation of inter-club regattas will not only invigorate our members' competitive spirits but also strengthen our bonds with the wider sailing community.

As we embark on this exciting journey, I invite each and every one of you to join us at SCYC and share your ideas, dreams, and aspirations for our club's future. Your voices will be the wind in our sails, propelling us towards a new era of excellence.

Here's to a century of unforgettable memories, cherished friendships, and endless adventures on the open sea. 

“Fair winds and following seas, my fellow sailors!”

Smooth and happy sailing,

Mark Thompson

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