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Whilst SCYC’s roots are in its rich sailing heritage, and organised on-water activities focus inevitably upon sailboat racing, we welcome both sail and powerboat enthusiasts as members. Powerboat members will be able to enjoy all the benefits that sailboat members also enjoy here at the Club.


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Powerboat members typically use the park and launch services operated by Abersoch Boatyard Services and Land & Sea or choose to rent their own moorings for the season. We have recently arranged for two moorings to be laid for the use of powerboat members on a temporary basis just beyond the outer distance marks (ODMs) of the Club racing start lines. The moorings are light pink in colour and denoted Visitors 1 (which has a red hand buoy) and Visitors 2 (which has an orange hand buoy). They lie between ODM Yellow and ODM Green (although nearer to green than to yellow). 

Terms of use are as follows: 

  1. First come first served 
  2. Maximum 3 hour stay 
  3. Launches to be called via Channel 37 using normal VHF protocols

Photo credits: Andy Green | Cardigan Creative | Luke Pilling | Kieran Williams