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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Protocols for SCYC Bar -  December 2021

Author: Mike Maylor

Document History:  28/12/2021


These protocols are implemented as per understanding of rules in Wales as expected to be in place December 2021, based on announcements made by the Sennedd up to and including 23rd December 2021. They may be adapted without notice as coronavirus regulations change.

In implementing these protocols, the SCYC council have attempted to firstly protect the health of members, staff, and suppliers, whilst simultaneously complying with the requirements that enable the club to be open at all, and looking after the interests of the membership in general. If on first reading the protocols seem to restrict individual members’ rights, that is because inevitably some aspects of the SCYC operation have to change to comply with the legal requirements. The council asks the membership to operate within the protocols for the mutual benefit of all, until Wales is free of Coronavirus.


Visiting SCYC

  1. Members or any other potential visitors to the club will not enter the club’s premises for any purpose whatsoever if they have any reason to consider that they may be infectious with CoronaVirus. These reasons include but are not limited to:
  • Onset of potential symptoms, ie fever, new persistent cough, and loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Communication from NHS Track and Trace requesting quarantining
  • Requirement to quarantine resulting from foreign travel
  • Member of household/bubble being required to quarantine or showing symptoms.


All members confirm through the act of visiting the club that they have read, understood and will abide by the club’s Coronavirus operating protocols. Non-compliance will result in members being asked to leave the premises for the protection of others.

  1. If a member brings non-member guests to SCYC, the member is responsible for their guests’ compliance with the protocols.
  2. All attendees agree that they will not hold the club responsible or liable in any way for any illness they experience following any visit.
  3. All members visiting the club will need a current membership card. This is to be used to enter the premises, pay for drinks, and shown upon request by the club steward. The gates are to be kept closed at all times.
  4. On arrival, all members attending the club will record in the relevant log for the bar or the launch their full name, personal phone number, membership card number, and time of arrival. On departure, they will record the time of departure. This is to assist with track and trace, and under the regulations these details will be kept for a minimum of 3 weeks. The Cove will be responsible for managing a separate register for their clients, as and when they open. To be very explicit, the 2021 coronavirus laws require everyone coming into the club to provide contact details, not just the lead member of a group.
  5. Excess numbers – Covid19 laws limit the number of members the bar can support at one time.
  6. It is acceptable for members to visit in the hope of getting a table, but should a table not be available then they must leave the premises. It is not permitted for members to queue on the premises for a table.
  7. Members are not to leave unattended personal belongings lying around anywhere on the clubs premises as any time.

The Bar

  1. Opening hours – please see the latest notification for opening times.
  2. On arrival, all members will wash their hands with hand sanitiser gel. Members will continue to wash their hands at regular intervals using the hand sanitiser that will be distributed around the premises.
  3. The Rule of 6 applies again in Wales – strictly no more than 6 people to a table. This does not include anyone aged 11 or under, or full time carers. The 6 people can come from up to 6 different households.
  4. Sitting is mandatory. Tables will be set up with 6 people to a table or area.
  5. The 6-person rule also means that there is no mingling between tables. Attendees must stay in and with the group with whom they arrived.
  6. Ordering drinks – current rules state table service only. Attendees are to stay at their table. Drinks are to be ordered from the table and served at the table.
  7. Paying for drinks – by card massively preferred, to reduce the risk of infection being transmitted from handling cash.
  8. Face coverings – to be worn by all attendees at all times unless sat at their table.
  9. Entertainment – no live music or performances. TV can be on and music played, but at background volume levels. No dancing.
  10. Decontamination of the bar: as part of closing down each evening, the bar will be fogged with an antiviral spray to EN 14476. This will ensure that at the start of each day the bar environment has been decontaminated so as to be clear of any CoronaVirus from the previous days visitors. Please be aware that EN14476 fogging decontaminates to the point in time that the fogging takes place but provides no lasting protection against further contamination after that point in time.


Changing Rooms and Toilets

  1. Downstairs toilets only unless The Cove is open.
  2. Maximum number of people within the toilets at any one time is equal to the number of cubicles, plus in the Gents one additional person at the urinals.
  3. Hands to be washed with gel both prior to entering the toilet and after use to limit the spread of the virus through high-touch areas. This is to limit the contamination of high-touch areas such as door handles and banisters.
  4. If all the cubicles are in use then one person may wait inside the changing room at minimum 2 metres social distance, if the queue is longer then members will wait outside.
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