Commodores Update – New Council Updates (October 2019)

I am delighted to be able to advise you of a number of Council roles that have been filled recently.

Company Secretary – Louise Baldwin

Louise has been doing a sterling job as Company Secretary for the past year in a non-Council role, but I am very pleased to say that we have eventually worn down her defences and she was appointed as a Council member at the last Council meeting. Louise is a recently-retired solicitor and will be familiar to many of you sailing Sloe Gin, a Sigma 33, with husband and fellow Council member, James.


Bar and Cove – Mike Maylor

Another familiar face, Mike will be known to many of you as proprietor, with wife Lynne, of the Egryn Hotel and a previous owner of Abersoch Sailing School. On the water, he sails Veramara, a Grand Soleil 46. Mike was appointed as a Council member at the last meeting, taking on Council responsibility for the bar and the operational relationship with the Cove Restaurant. A trans-Atlantic sailor who has run a restaurant and has extensive personal experience of bars – a perfect cv for the role!

Membership Liaison – Steve Harral

Steve is an “old-hand” on Council and, until passing responsibility to Mike, has done a terrific job overseeing the bar for the past couple of years. He has now taken on the role of Membership Liaison and will act as the contact point on Council for Club members. He can be contacted on [email address].

In accordance with the Club’s Articles, having been appointed by Council, Louise and Mike will stand for re-election at the next Special General Meeting.

I am sure that you will join with me in thanking Louise, Mike and Steve for volunteering their time to the Club and wish them well in their roles.

Nick Ansell