SCYC Squib wins the Squib Nationals !!

SCYC, Ric O’Shea, wins the Squib Nationals at Holyhead. Mark Hogan’s 10th Squib Championship win out of 15. Well done. Cariad Bach and Grayling 4th & 5th check link below for full results well done all our boys

Conspiracy to Iceland update

Wednesday 21st June
Arrived here safe and happy at 23.00 last night. Went through Rathlin Sound overfalls and standing waves quite nicely. Got very lumpy and uncomfortable just below IoM and had to heave-too to make and eat dinner! Took us 193 miles to get here and gave up taking across the North Channel when the tide set us southwards, back the way we came. On with engine and headed directly for Fair Head. Cliffs there very impressive, and a purple sunset behind Rathlin Islands.
Now waiting for post to collect ordered spare parts, but it looks like Force4 didn’t post them till yesterday.
However radio seems to be working and the AIS tracker seems to live in its own world and works when it wants to and stops for a rest.
All well and still talking to each other, and hope to depart here later today.
Next stop Iceland

All going pear shaped – Weather

Found a very nice man in Ballycastle who owns an electrical shop and fell over backwards to sort us out and got us fixed. We spent the morning re-arranging stuff for the long trip and getting ship shape and prepared. Now in heavy thunder showers and rain!

This afternoon looked at and all hell is breaking loose in the Atlantic with long gales from Thursday evenning till Sunday just in the area we want to be! So have just had a group discussion and we are leaving with the tide this evenning to head up towards Stornoway till the weather breaks about 7pm tomorrow night – which means we should get to Tobermoray by then. Have a look at XC Weather for Tiree to see what I mean. From there we’ll have another group discussion and decide what we do next. (Joe & Gordon are supposed to be flying back from Reykjavik on Saturday next week so time is now beginning to get tight!)


Conspiracy update

Greeting from the Icelandic port of Holyheadfjorder where the day is sunny and warm and the language sounds very similar to Welsh!
After you all gave us such a resounding send off we headed out between the islands and tacked across to Bardsey Sound where the wind was quite fickle. However after that the wind swung to S and we had a cracking sail northwards with 1 knot of tide, both Foresails out plus the main and were doing 7 knots + till about 5pm. A ferry passed behind us and I noticed that we had no indication on our AIS. So I called the ferry up and got no reply! So I then tried Holyhead Coastguard who said we were week and unreadable! Panic! Had a good look around and found the radio lead at the base of the mast had parted company. We spent 2 hours fiddling around with it and got nowhere so I made the decision to head back 20 miles to Holyhead and try and fix it there. Arrived about 11pm, straight to bed and started to sort it out this morning, BUT it’s Sunday and everywhere is shut. So now we are waiting till the shop (and local electrician) opens so we can get a new plug and socket. Looking at Marine Traffic, it spotted us between 20.30 and 21.30 last night but hasn’t found us today. We’ve patched it up using a TV coax plug and socket so are receiving something.
So that’s where we are just now!

More later


Bar Opening Hours – June

Bar Opening Times for June
Monday & Tuesday Closed all Day
Wednesday 12:00 till last launch
Thursday 12:00 till last launch
Friday 12:00 – 23:00
Saturday 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday 12:00 – 19:00